Crossfit Update

It’s been over five months since my first post about Crossfit. It’s been a terrific journey so far. I’ve lost almost sixty pounds, gotten decently strong, and went from being a couch potato to running a couple 5 KM runs per week plus doing 2 Crossfit workouts.

This past Sunday I attended my first group class. Up to this point I’ve been working out one on one with a trainer, focusing on technique and working up the amount of weight I can move safely. The group class was great. I feel like I should have started attending sooner I had such a good time. A few short months ago I would not say running, burpees, and carrying a kettle bell 200m was a good time on a weekend. Now I’m hooked (you might even say addicted) and really look forward to the workouts, even though I hurt like the dickens afterwards.

I’ve changed around my work schedule so I can workout in the middle of the day and still go running in the morning, or at the end of the day. The great thing about Sparkart is we really do have flexible schedules, and everyone at work has been very supportive even when I blow off their meetings because I’m “in the gym”.

Also ending the day with a 5k run along the bay trail in Emeryville with the sun setting behind the mountains is beautiful and relaxing. The hot shower or a trip to the hot tub afterward is like heaven.

The experience overall has been fantastic. The trainers at Crossfit East Bay are excellent and I can not recommend Maximus enough. If you want to get seriously fit, some might even say “Elite” fitness, and have a great time doing it, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

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