Crossfit Part 1

The Beginning

Another year has rolled around, and another birthday on top of that, the big Three Ohh; and I find myself a bit rounder than I’d like. Every year I say I’ll do something about it, sometimes I’ll even make it so far as to join a gym, which lasts for about two months. Then I get bored, stop going and have to wait for the terms of the contract to expire so I can cancel it. This year I wanted to do something different, something that I wouldn’t get bored doing, and something where I could get help along the way. I thought about hiring a trainer in traditional gym, it’s a pretty big investment, so I immediately start googling trainers, reading reviews, asking friends, doing due diligence like I would before any big purchase. A couple friends thought the trainer idea was pretty bogus. “Why hire someone when you are pretty much guaranteed results the first couple months, if you just do any kind of workout”, they would say. Perhaps they are right, maybe anyone can get some short term results, blubbing around in the gym; but I’m looking for a program, a movement, a freaking way to keep this going for the long term. So I was about ninety percent confident that the trainer route was the right path.

Now, there are many trainer options out there. The people available at the local 24hr fitness, boutique gyms, boot camps, etc, etc. It’s quite a field to navigate with all the options. Perhaps drawn by the videos on the internet of what appears to be crazy buff beasts doing amazing thinks like 50 inch box jumps (50” are you kidding me, that’s crazy shit). Anyway, I jumped on and browsed around some of the crossfit gyms in my area.

Crossfit - Holy Shit Man, What Are You Thinking?

Yeah, the workouts are intense, some people even told me there is no way I will be able to do a crossfit workout, that I’m crazy for trying. Maybe they are right, but you have to try to find out for sure what you can do.

Crossfit - Session 1

Today I had my first Crossfit’ish workout. It was just an intro, and I didn’t make it all the way through. We managed to get through a rowing warmup, streaching, air squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and some pushups. After the deadlift, I “almost” puked, but was able to walk it off, not the greatest start to looking like one of the guys from 300 :-)


Wednesday will mark day two, tune back then for an update.

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